5th week.
I will skip Monday cause nothing really interesting happened in that day. Just usual stuff, u know. So I will start with Tuesday this time. So, we had our language lessons, and after that we went to our beloved projects! Benita went to kindergarten, Anita and Daniele – to Otletfa. Here we had some stuff for youngters. We were analyzing The little prince. I am sure that most of u know what the little prince is, what kind of stories he is telling. So we took one part and analyzed it with the youngsters. Unfortunately, they weren't so interested in that topic. Maybe they are still too young to understand, to see the bigger picture.

So, in order not to be caught by routine... Wednesday came. And this was a day, when finally all of us were together. Yes, u understood it correctly, the French girl, her name is Agathe, arrived! She arrived in the late evening. Gergo met her at the airport and drove her home. To our home, where will live 9 more months. We bought some wine to celebrate this occasion.
On Thursday all of us did different things. Benita went to kindergarten, Daniele and Anita to Otletfa (youth center), and Agatha met Reni (our mentor) for the first time. They were walking in the park next to our apartment, in downtown. Just showing around. In the same time in Otletfa girls were doing some tests with older youngsters, played basketball, table tennis. Kriszta had a wonderful program for that day – we played many games, which were based on artistic skills. We had to act without words and so on.
On the evening we decided to run from routine even further and faster. So we chose a pub Number One, and spend our evening here. It was the night for Erasmus students, but we fit here perfectly. We had so much fun – danced for a couple of hours! It was just amazing :) We came home around 3 am.
So Friday wasn't as easy as it may seem. All of us wanted just to stay at home, but... Duty calls! So we woke up, went to the office, had a short talk with Gergo and.. Anita and Benita went home, Daniele to kindergarten. What is more, on this day we had our first guest in our wonderful apartment! His name is Csaba, and he is Anitas' friend :) So when all of us were in the same place again (in the evening), we played some Uno, and talked a lot :) On Saturday we went to have some fun to the downtown, and we succeeded! So, as you see, we really live an interesting life here!

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