The forth week.
20141026 1857321That week was short. We had some stuff to do in kindergartens and youth center and after Wednesday we were free. The long weekend came and passed so fast! It was raining almost every day. We wanted to go out, to go somewhere where we could find more people, but all our efforts went for nothing. We didn't expect that city will be so empty. Pubs, bars, cafes, streets, parks – we couldn't see more people than 10. But still, we had some fun with other EVS volunteers from Talentum organization.
After all these days we finally reached the day of the week – Sunday. On that date the Dartke people and us went to ballet "Karmina Burana". The building, people – everything looked fantastic! I am not talking about performance, which was incredible! Dancers did they best! We really enjoyed our time there.

On Monday we had a really long day. We woke up before six, cached the tram, than train and went to Kecskemét. There we had a meeting with mentors and their mentees from Budapest. During the time when mentors had that meeting, we with a couple of volunteers and kids visited 3 museums. The first was – Musical instrument museum. They had like 2300 of them from all over the world. Kids really enjoyed the stories told by the worker, and interesting music he played. Oh, almost forgot! Anita showed us how to play with Romanian musical instrument!!! Impressive, right?

Second was – The animation museum. There we saw what cartoons are made from, and how much time animators spend in order to make a movie. They showed us many cartoons they created. It was really fun!

The third was – Nature museum. Here we saw many animals which are living in Hungary. On the second floor kids had a possibility to play - It was like interactive playground based for kids. But we played too, just for fun J

After that day we were so tiered! But even than we tried not to give up. We played some music by ourselves with other mentors. Where? In train station! We had so much fun there!
Tuesday. Hungarian and English lessons. Hungarian like always – too difficult to remember. After that Daniele and Anita went to Otletfa. They prepared presentations about their countries, and they were willing to show them to the youngsters. But, unfortunately, nobody came. Except two volunteers. In the same time, somewhere in Szeged, Benita with Gergo and Barbie were planning sessions for kindergarten. They were working for hours and did a great job! Benita made lady birds for "Numbers" lesson. It looks great!
On Wednesday we were invited to Halloween party in other Dartke office. They prepared it really good, some kids were so scared! But, hey, it is Halloween! Benita had such a nice experience with one of the kids. The boy didn't speak English or Hungarian, but she found the way to connect with him. Benita was so happy, when he took hand and asked her to go to the bathroom together, to wash his hands! Oh, she was thrilled! Good job!
Thursday – another Otletfa day. In the morning we had a planning session with Kriszta – we revised her ideas. And they are really great! You will know about them soon J We expected that some kids will come, and there were like 10 of them! We were so happy to see them all in one place! Kriszta showed pictures from their exchange program in Romania, she told many stories. After that, Anita did the test to some of the guys. We assisted her of course. And then the funny part came! We played "csocsó" ( for those, who don't know is table-football) and table tennis. Daniele played table tennis in pairs with guys. They were talking all the time about something and she couldn't understand anything, but despite that she had so much fun!
Friday? Nothing really important J Usual stuff, you know.
So, in this week we had opportunity to see how the city looks on vacation celebration. It is empty. We had opportunity to see the beauty of the dance, to hear different sounds of the music, to know more about our loved and beloved cartoons! What is more, we had challenges, we tried to deal with. All in all, this week was colorful and fluffy (girls, you know what I am talking about), as never :)

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