10726213 848858931812135 1265861462 nThird weekend in Szeged was interesting in one aspect - we had a Beer festival here. It was smaller than we could expected – just a couple of tents, where you could have found beer, salted or sweet food to eat. Also, we witnessed a performance of traditional band. They were great! Even though Daniele didn't understand anything it sounded great! They were using special drums made from deer skin to create a music. Somehow all that singing and dancing remembered an Indians tribes from North Amerika and their dances calling for the rain or to glory something saint. The performance was really nice to watch, and music interesting to listen.

On Sunday we had an opportunity to see another event – bikers show. Maybe it was just the closing of the season, but still it was impressive - hundreds of bikers were riding all together. You could hear engines working and making somekind of music. I say music, because people who really like stuff like that would really enjoy that sound. For Daniele it was not a new thing, because they have events like this every year, suppose, but for other girls it was a big surprise! Neither Anita, nor Benita haven't seen so many bikes in one place before.

And here comes Monday. Benita went to Kindergarted for the first time! She really enjoyed it. All that kids were stearing at her with big rounded eyes, full of fascination! The same was to Daniele and Anita on Wednesday. The first time in Kindergartens - what can be better?

On Tuesday, Anita and Daniele went to Ötletfa again. Kriszta was prepared some activities for the youngsters. At first we played „a silent actor" game, where you have to act something without using any words, and others have to guess. Some of the youngsters were more brave than others, but we think, that everyone had fun! There are some moments:

After that, we saw a short video about translating stuff. Than we talked about all that: we shared the feelings, ideas about what we just experienced. The aim of that was to make understand each other better and to make ourselves more comfortable in that group. It was useful because considering that not of participants speak Hungarian (Daniele and Benita, who was in the kindergarted this time), we will have to learn to express ourselves, our thoughts in other way, without speaking. And others will have to learn to understand that. What is more, we may have some stereotypes about each other, about our cultures etc. even though we don't know each other personally. And these tasks were like introduction into our 10 months journey in Szeged. Breaking stereotypes and touching each others lives, to give something and to get something back is our main task and ours biggest treasure which we will bring with us till the end of our days. We are building a bridge between different cultures and we enjoy it!


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