10626809 481329032008409 4842881808118898020 n„I believe it, if I see it".... it started like this. It is known, that Szeged is one of the most beautiful city in Hungary. We couldn't believe it, till we saw it for the first time. Anita arrived here first, on the 2nd October in the early morning, after her Danielé arrived on Friday, and than Benita on Sunday. And the journey started on Monday: we were in the city center to see the famous places with our mentor, Reni. After a big walk, we had our first lunch together, and a coffee. In the afternoon we were invited to the office, to get to know the workmates, the office and to introduce ourselfs. It was a positive experience to met those kind people. Because Gábor had his Birthday, they celebrate, so we ate cake. After all, we went home to have a rest, and we agreed that Szeged is a really beautiful city. It worth to visit!

The first of our days here were about to know the projects we can be involved in, about the responsabilities, about the EVS, Youthpass, aims, etc. On Friday, we had a small office party together with both DARTKE office workers, which was a good opportunity to know each other better. Because we started our first language lessons, we had a lot to study for the weekend, but I think we can say that we failed. The weather was soooo perfect to be outside from the house, so we were in the city center again. We made some pictures together, we tried the Jalapeno's food, which -I think- became our favorite eating place! If you come here, you should try the food from there!
We met Susan and Bea, other EVS volunteers in Szeged, on the Talentum association. We had a very great day together!
Our second week here, was a little bit longer, maybe because it was raining, or maybe because we were in Hódmezővásárhely to the Ötletfa for three days. Ötletfa is one of the projects we can choose to be involved in. Kriszta -who is responsible for Ötletfa- presented us the residence, the youngsters from there, the goals etc. We had the opportunity to know the guys: we played, we talked, we worked and laughed together.
At the end of the week, we were in the city center to a festival called Beer festival. It was nice to visit and to be there.
Danielé and Benita had their first lángos and paprikáskrumpli, and we had the possibility to try the Lithuanian strong drink, brought by Danielé. All of these are soooo gooooood!
By the way, we consider us good teamworkers, so we hope that we can make some long-term friendships here! We have 10 months to this. Danielé and Benita already booked their flight ticket for the Xmas holidays.
A few words about our flat: we live in an apartment with three big rooms, a huge kitchen, bathroom, garden, where we have a dog. Unfortunetly he is a legend, because we can't see him, and we have never seen him in two weeks! We have a special alarm in every morning before 7 o'clock, thanks to the workers in front of our house. The internet is so interesting, because when it works, everything is perfect, but most of the time, it is not working which is not so good for us. And the storm is much more different here, than at home!

Danielé, Benita and Anita

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